Who is Mark Earle?

Hello there!

I'm Mark Earle, the Founder of Introduction Marketing and I'd love to share a bit about my journey with you.

On this page I want to give you a bit of my back story and how I've got here, and more importantly what it means for you.

It's been a rollercoaster ride, filled with highs and lows, but every step has shaped me into the person I am today.

With the many ups and downs, falling for the fake guru's evil schemes and plans, not once but several times, investing tens of thousands on pipe dreams, only to find myself back at square one.

Before the Internet: My career began in the engineering field, where I worked on the Piper Bravo oil rig. This was the replacement platform after the tragic Piper Alpha disaster. It was a challenging environment, but it taught me resilience and the importance of safety in all aspects of work.

In a twist of fate, I found myself as an aircraft engineer during the 9/11 disaster. It was a tumultuous time, and our company was hit hard. We faced weekly redundancies, and our team dwindled from 1300 employees to a mere 250. It was a heartbreaking period, but it also opened the door to new opportunities.

My Internet Life: In 2004, I embarked on a new journey in the world of building lead generation websites to grow a property portfolio. Within a couple of years, I had built a £5 million property portfolio (real estate portfolio to my american friends). It was a thrilling time, but it wasn't without its challenges.

In 2010, We almost went bankrupt when 21 of our apartments were shut down by the fire department with just 3 hours notice. This unfortunate event left 21 families homeless and I received death threats from angry parents. 

It was a dark time, but I learned valuable lessons about risk and responsibility. I had no problem getting the leads and closing the deals, but I didn't have the infrastructure in place to support our growth.

Parallel to my internet presence and property ventures, I started a cleaning business in 2002, following the 9/11 aircraft redundancy.

Do you find that every time you think you are growing, the rug seems to be pulled from under you?

Have you tried to implement systems into your business but they never quite seem to get you the results you're looking for?

I did too...

Like most people when they get into business, you have a look around to see what your competitors are doing to get new business, and you pretty much do the same.

For us, it was door to door canvassing, I ran local radio ads, I even got stung with the ad that goes in all the local dentists and doctors (cringe).

I wanted to grow rapidly, so I hired canvassers who would knock on 300 - 400 houses a night, with a conversion rate of about 3%.

Still about 10 new customers a day were getting added, not bad I thought...

What you find though, by canvassing door to door, the only people left who aren't using our service are the people who have ripped every other company off before and you're next in line. They must be thinking to themself "Here's the next sucker".

The customer attrition rate was horrendous, some had one clean and cancelled (you actually lose money on the first clean, but think long term and you'll have a customer for life), and don't even get me started on staff members stealing the takings.

It was constantly one step forward, two steps back, does that sound familiar?

I was forever looking online for ways to grow, online marketing, tips and strategies.

I built my first website in 2004, which is several centuries ago in internet years, in the property niche.

I bought course after course, from the guru's promising fortunes with their system, none of them really designed for my type of business, but I learned little bits that I could apply to keep me moving forward.

Over the next 10 years from my first site, I would continue honing my skills, and have everything dialled in, applying all the knowledge into our cleaning business website. And once I did, we've not had to knock on a single door for new business or to collect payment since 2014.

We wake up to new customers every morning, they've found us, gone through the sales system and deposited money in our bank account before I get to know about it.

Quite cool really.

As my skill set was growing, I'd have friends and relatives who had different businesses who would approach me asking could I show them how they could implement it into their business what I did for mine.

So for years, I'd do coaching, consulting and courses teaching what I did.

Months would go by and I'd ask them how it was working, only to hear that they'd found it too difficult and they'd given up.

It was so frustrating for me because I knew this stuff worked, I guess they just didn't have the 10 years experience that I had prior to my breakthrough.

So that's when I came up with the idea of just giving people the results, from my systems that actually work.

That's how Introduction Marketing was born, a hands-off lead generation system where we simply give you the qualified leads to book an estimate with, or have them booking your service directly if it's a turnkey service.

Simple really...

Not the £5 - 10,000 website that is just a glorified digital brochure from graphic designers who know nothing about marketing and conversions, only that it looks good.

No, you simply get the results, people ringing you for quotes or booking you directly.

You get to concentrate on what you're good at, providing the quality service to your customers, and leave the marketing headache to us.

And you can get rid of those over inflated directory sites like Home Advisor, Angi's List and Yelp that have you paying high lead costs, only to send the leads out to several business owners and you have to get into a bidding war, where the lowest cut priced offer usually wins and your quality ranks lower in the scheme of a bidding war.

Business is not a 'race to the bottom', it's about ROI.

That's what I want for you, exclusive leads where you get to let your quality shine through, that's why I only offer results.

Let me worry about getting to the top of the search engines and getting you the leads you desire, and you worring about how to handle the new business coming to you on almost autopilot.

Let's do this...